Going on vacation to the campsite

At the campsite, there is so much to do! You can play in the fun playground, take a refreshing dip in the sea and join the fun activities. But the best part is making new friends. At the campsite, there is always someone to play or chat with.

A huuuuuuuge sandbox

Did you know that our campsite is very close to the beach? Yes, it really is! That means you can rush to the beach to play and swim as soon as you wake up. There are plenty of fun things to do at the beach. Build a sandcastle, find the prettiest shells, or see how high your kite can go!

Can't wait to go camping?

Yes! The vacation is booked and now you can start the countdown. Just a few more days and it's finally time to pack your bag to go camping. Especially for you, we have a beautiful coloring picture of the campsite. You can draw and color what you think it will look like at the campsite.

Enough to enjoy!