Privacy and cookies

Privacy and cookies

By accepting our cookie notification, you are giving permission for Camping International to place and read cookies.

Different types of cookies 

With most cookies, permission is requested from the visitor. As a visitor, you will therefore first receive a notification and have to accept it before the cookies are placed. There are three types of cookies. Analytical and functional cookies are permission-free cookies that are used to improve the operation of the website and increase user experience.

Functional cookies

Functional cookies enable users to use our website and its features. They are therefore not used for marketing purposes. If you do not accept them, some parts of the website will not work properly.

Analytical cookies

Camping International also uses analytical cookies to continue to improve the website. These tracking cookies allow us to see, based on a user profile, how visitors use our website and how we can improve the website to optimize the user experience.

Marketing and other cookies

Cookies with marketing purposes or third party cookies are also placed on the Camping International website. This allows us to ensure that visitors see the most relevant, personalized advertisements. The cookies also help to ensure that you only see the advertisement a few times.

Deleting or modifying cookies?

Do you want to refuse the placement of cookies? You can. It is possible to change your cookie settings by refusing cookies on each device individually in your browser settings. The links below explain how to do this for your browser:

If our cookie policy or the placed cookies change, we will update our policy accordingly. The most recent version of this cookie policy is dated 01-11-2019.