Are you looking for a wonderful vacation in Zeeland? Then Camping International is truly ideal for you thanks to its attractive location! The campsite is situated only 100 meters from the beach, making it very easy to enjoy the beautiful view and the refreshing sea. The vibrant main street of Renesse is also easy to get to, just 1500 meters away from the campsite. Discover everything else the area has to offer!

Discover Schouwen-Duiveland

Camping International is the perfect place to start exploring Schouwen-Duiveland. From the campsite, you can directly start with two of the island's many cycling routes. This gives you the chance to explore the island and enjoy the beautiful landscapes and picturesque villages.

The Brouwersdam and Zeeland Buitenland

The Brouwersdam connects South Holland and Zeeland and is a must-see during your vacation in Zeeland. It is the hotspot if you love water sports, but lovers of relaxation also enjoy the wide sandy beach here. You can also explore the nearby Zeeland Buitenland, a nature area with a playground and sports facilities on five islands.

Seal spotting in Renesse

Seal spotting is a unique experience, especially when you are on vacation with children. On the sandbanks near the beach of Renesse, you can watch these cute animals from up close, from two hours before until two hours after high tide. Find a nice spot near the Jan van Renesseweg beach passage and bring your binoculars. Or book a spot on a boat trip to see these adorable animals from even closer.

Nationaal Park Oosterschelde

Looking for another boat excursion? Then visit Nationaal Park Oosterschelde. Besides seals, you will also find porpoises, cuttlefish, mussels, oysters and the Oosterschelde lobster. Spot the animals on a seal safari or look for porpoises. Would you rather explore on foot? Then a mudflat tour is a must. Together with a guide, you will search for benthic animals. You can see this magnificent natural area from a completely different angle.

Boswachterij Westerschouwen

In Burgh-Haamstede you will find the biggest forest in Zeeland: Boswachterij Westerschouwen. This forest covers 330 hectares and offers plenty of recreational opportunities. For example, you can hike, bike or explore the area on horseback through the many routes. For the mountain biking enthusiasts, there is even a challenging trail, including climbs and steep descents.

Climbing forest Zeeland Westerschouwen

Climbing forest Zeeland Westerschouwen is located in Boswachterij Westerschouwen and is a great family activity. Choose one of six challenging courses and climb from tree to tree high above the ground. Use the zip lines, rope ladders, wobble bridges and many other climbing features. It is a fun, active experience in nature for all ages.